11.16.18 - I would love to have Ashley at my Thanksgiving table but I would much rather have her on the table.
11.09.18 - Jan's boobs are spectacular and even without a bra they are the very best that I ever saw.
11.02.18 - "How about a ride" I said to Celeste, she looked at me and said "You Jest, I wouldn't do you if I was in jail and you offered me a fistful of bail". She loves to mince words.
10.26.18 - Love Alex's hair, months ago there wern't none there, not talkin bout her head, but when those legs are spread.
10.19.18 - In an effort to sample Ashley, I made an offer of CASHly, she rejected the notion so it's back to the lotion, and I'm stuck fantasizing her ASSly.
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